Why Using Green Screen As Photo Booth Background

Before we talk deeper but

What is “Green Screen” background?

Green screens or blue screens are used as backdrops in chroma key photography, which is a process that replaces a solid-colored background from behind the subject of a photo (or video) with a new digital background. This will allow us to change background every time want to use the photo booth. Transport you to any part in the world with no time. Let’s go to Paris, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Underwater, vineyard. You name it.

Open style green screen photo booth activation at woolworth doncaster storefront.

with green screen photo booth hire you can also change the background to suit your theme such as; Kids theme (kids movie ideas),  wedding theme (flower wall/rustic/winneries/beach background), Carnival, Diwali, Christmas, Graduation, Comic, WildWest, 80’s etc. Find out more background option here

How does it works?

Please swipe the circle to right and left to see the different

What you need to is just take a pose and our booths will do the magic for you! as simple as that.

How many pose in one session?

Depending on the template design, You may need to do 3 – 4 different pose in one photo session. Here is sample of the printed photos in 3 pose template. We can design the template according to you. Any design


Above sample is 2×6″ strips orientation. The printer will cut in half automatically for you. If you go with an album, The guest may stick one in it and write message for you.

Don't like open style?

Don’t worry! We have a solution for you. Our Enclosed style photo booth hire will work best for you. This will allow you to use curtain to cover the green screen fabric. How do we set it up?

So, you need to pick a curtain background (available in red/black/goldsatin/silverstain/pinksatin). After that, inside we will attach green screen fabric. The great thing about this is guest or even you won’t notice from outside (the beautiful enclosed style set up) that we actually using green screen inside and you can change the background digitally. No more boring party!.


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